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Proud designated Oracle Gold Level Partner

As an Oracle Gold Level Partner for infrastructure solutions, Merix Technologies has complete technical knowledge of Oracle products.  Typically reserved for large organizations, Merix Technologies is able to scale these solutions and put them to work for businesses of all sizes.

Merix Technologies can help you:

  • Develop the design, architecture, deployment and maintenance for hyperconverged Oracle solutions (Engineered Systems)
  • Develop the design, architecture, deployment and maintenance for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM solutions
  • Carry out an Oracle licensing audit
  • Significantly lower the licensing costs for Oracle products currently deployed in your environment (DB, ERP, etc.)
  • Significantly lower the licensing and maintenance costs of your current virtualization solution
  • Lower the licensing and maintenance costs of your Linux resources

Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux brings you the latest Linux innovations along with unique extra features that help you save money, manage your Linux systems, and update them with zero downtime. It’s free to download, use and distribute – and that includes patches too, which other vendors make you pay for. And Oracle Linux Support gives you so much more for your money. It offers highest-quality support in the market at the lowest cost – plus you get valuable extra benefits at no extra cost. Oracle Linux: quite simply the best enterprise Linux available today.

  • The Only Linux Oracle Recommends for Oracle Software.
  • Oracle Linux is one of the top 3 distributions, growing more than 80 percent year-over-year in 2012
  • Oracle invests significant resources in testing and developing best practices making it easy for customers to deploy Linux solutions in their data centers
  • Switching to Oracle Linux Support is easy and can be done in minutes
  • Oracle provides most Complete, Apps to disk Linux Solution in the market
  • Oracle Linux is the most advanced offering bringing the latest Linux innovations to customers
  • Only OS that offers zero-downtime kernel updates
  • Oracle Linux software and errata is free to download, use and distribute.
  • Oracle Linux Support is the highest quality, lowest cost support in the market.
  • Choose your support level individually per server, only buy support for the servers you need.
  • Integrated management and high availability offered at no cost to support customers
  • Designed to support performance, scalability, reliability requirements of Engineered Systems.
  • Included at no additional charge with Oracle x86 servers

Oracle VM Server x86/x64 and Sparc

Oracle VM Server Virtualization does more than just consolidate. It lets you virtualize and manage your full hardware and software stack and rapidly deploy enterprise applications and cloud services. With easy automation, browser-based management, and over 100 application templates, Oracle VM offers the lowest TCO and best performance yet.


  • High performance
  • Fully integrated enterprise management from disk to applications to cloud
  • Rapid enterprise application deployment with Oracle VM Templates
  • 100+ pre-built Oracle VM Templates ready for deployment
  • All Oracle applications fully certified on Oracle VM
  • Zero licensing cost, affordable enterprise quality support
  • Free to download and distribute

Oracle VM: a free alternative to VMware or Hyper-V

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

The new Oracle Database Appliance X6-2 family comes in four variants for every size of company – and even gives you two choices of Oracle Database edition. Optimized for your needs, it contains all you need in a single package that’s simple to install and manage. And it’s very affordable too! The ODA X6-2 is a complete database solution comprising Oracle Database Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition 2, along with systems software, server, storage, and networking. All the components are engineered by Oracle to work together – so a single DBA can install and deploy it in less than 90 minutes. It helps you minimize database downtime risks and losses while boosting your efficiency and productivity.

Oracle License Consolidation

As a Gold Level Partner for infrastructure solutions, Merix Technologies has developed an approved evaluation, prevention and remediation method for problems related to Oracle licenses, that is performed on a completely optional basis with the utmost discretion. See our professional services


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