Merix Technology teams with Fortinet to counter Cyber ​​Threats


September 2, 2019

The Montreal company Merix Technologies, together with Fortinet, a world leader in cybersecurity, is proud to announce an initiative aimed at preventing and fighting cyberthreats to companies.

Cyberthreats come in many different forms and they target all companies, big and small. Malware introduced into networks, identified and unidentified vulnerabilities in infrastructures, risky or unconscious behaviour on the part of employees, freelancers or business partners, exfiltration of sensitive data or even attacks and industrial spying attempts… cyberthreats undermine efficiency and increase risk for companies.

Every week another organization makes headlines because of a cybersecurity incident. What can be done?

“Prevention is key,” says Jean-François Thibault, president of Merix Technologies. “Many businesses think they are too small or that their data isn’t interesting enough for them to be targeted by cyberthreats. But nothing could be further from the truth.” He adds, “The reasons that motivate those who carry out cyberthreats don’t always make sense to the organizations they target. Some apply a calculated approach and target specific assets, but others go for sheer volume, a bit like petty thieves trying to unlock or break open all of the car doors on a neighbourhood block. They try to get their hands on as much as they can before figuring out what they can make money from and how. Nothing is too small for them. If anything, they get a thrill and a rush of pride simply from having hacked into or broken someone else’s property.”

Our Cyberthreat Assessment Program offers companies a completely confidential, automated assessment through a specialized Fortinet tool that is installed and then monitored by our technicians for 10 days. It helps managers better understand the vulnerabilities, weaknesses and even the architectural limitations of their network that can lead to cyberthreats or a loss of productivity.

The assessment doesn’t require any effort from the company, and it’s free. If you’re interested, it’s as easy as contacting us at to book your assessment.

“These days,we simply cannot ignore the risks associated with cyberthreats. We encourage local companies to protect themselves by working with our partner, Merix Technologies,” says David Chapman, Regional Channel Manager at Fortinet. “Merix Technologies’ expertise in the full range of Fortinet’s cybersecurity products is an asset for companies that use them, and the Cyberthreat Assessment Program is the first step to take for those who refuse to remain passive in the face of this growing problem.”

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