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Proud to work with Helios

Merix Technologies is known for its expert knowledge of Helios’ solutions. That’s why we’re proud to be their partner of choice for all North America deployments. Our solid IT infrastructures know-how allows us to deploy Helios platforms in high-availability and high-performance environments. When it comes to the transparent integration of Mac workstations into a business environment, Merix Technologies and Helios offer the most powerful and cost-effective solution on the market.

For over 25 years, Helios has earned a solid reputation among users in graphic arts, publishing and printing, by offering the only truly integrated server software that allows businesses to share macOS, Windows, Linux and UNIX image files on local networks and online. Helios has always had the unique capacity to offer robust synchronized cross-platform file sharing via a variety of protocols including AFP, SMB (CIFS), NFS and HTTP – all while maintaining full compatibility for the conventions, rules and attributes of each protocol and native client. This makes it the ideal file server for businesses that need to share documents with clients via multiple platforms.

Helios Quick Facts:

  • Cross-Platform Client Support
    • AFP Compatible
    • Mac, Windows, Web, iOS
    • Common shared volumes
    • Web portal for collaboration
    • UTF-8 based file names with meta data and file streams support
    • Authentication services for local users, LDAP, AD/PDC, and NIS
    • Mac OS 8.1 - macOS 10.13 (and 10.14 Beta)
    • Bonjour TCP printer drivers
    • Unicode/UTF-8 file representation
    • Index Server for Spotlight indexing
    • Time Machine Backup Support
    • APFS Compatible
  • Cross-Platform Server Support
    • Mac OS X, Windows Server, Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX, VMware, Hyper-V, etc.


Helios UB64 server software features several new functions and improvements, including full compatibility with Apple’s new macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), a centralized search engine that is compatible with Apple Spotlight that allows Mac and Windows users to search using smart criteria based on metadata and text content, and an improved Web portal that is fully secure and fully compatible with mobile devices, such as the Apple iPad. Helios offers instant previews of stored files in the widest range of formats imaginable and a Fogra ICC certified color engine, allowing mobile users to create reliable soft proofs and annotate documents on the go, without having to print.


Always keeping pace with Apple’s innovations, Helios already provides full support for APFS, Apple’s all new file system, and is ready to put its many benefits to use.


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