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Happy to work in partnership with Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks is a software-and service-led solutions company that provides advanced networking technology and platforms to solve today’s tough networking challenges and deliver on business needs by improving employee and customer experience, reducing operational expenses and driving IT efficiency. Extreme Networks integrated solutions address the entire end-to-end wired and wireless network, including the necessary policy and compliance requirements as well as network data analytics gathering and analysis to improve business outcomes and performance. Extreme Networks is headquartered in San Jose, CA with more than 14,000 customers in over 80 countries, and one of the highest Net Promoter Scores in the industry.




Specialized in:

  • Business analytics
  • Software-Defined Networking
  • Switching, Mobility and BYOD
  • Unified Management & security
  • Data Center / High-Performance Computing

Quick Facts:

  • 8.9 out of 10 Extreme Networks customers say they would recommend it to a colleague.
  • 100% Insourced Support Team
  • 8.5 year avg. tenure of support team
  • 94% first person resolution
  • Calls routed directly to Engineer
  • History of going to the extreme to satisfy customers


For perfect peace of mind, Merix Technologies and Extreme Networks deliver real value.


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