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The amount of data companies have to manage has increased significantly in the last few years. According to The Economist, data is now the most valued asset to all companies.

Nevertheless, many companies are not aware of the potential of the data they manage daily. This is where the expertise of Merix Technologies comes into play. Our professionals put together your data in a clear and coherent manner to advance your company goals. Furthermore, they put in place intelligent protection systems to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands.

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To meet your RTO and RPO goals, our experts configure efficient systems that backup your data to a virtual bunker in the event of a loss of data. Merix technologies understands that your business mission is important and puts its expertise at the service of that goal.

Pour rencontrer vos objectifs de temps de reprise (RTO) et de point de reprise (RPO), nos experts configurent des systèmes performants qui répliquent l’ensemble de vos données vers un site de reprise sur sinistre. Merix Technologies comprend que votre mission d’affaires est importante et met son expertise au service de celle-ci.

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