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Secure your networks to reach your business mission

Reduce the risks associated with cyber threats

Cybersecurity is important to take into account in any and all businesses. At Merix Technologies, we work to reduce risks associated with the digital age that put your business in danger. Our experts analyze all levels of your technological ecosystem, from your corporate networks all the way down to individual workplaces and devices, to deploy adapted cybersecurity solutions.

Our technology partners

Professional and managed services

In partnership with Fortinet, Merix Technologies offers free network analysis without imposing an additional workload on your IT team. After 7 days of data collection and analysis, our experts will put together a report with our recommendations for greater cybersecurity within your business.

Do you know your capacity to resist cyberattacks? In collaboration with Hitachi, we test your virtual defenses. In accordance with your needs, we will write a complete structured report on what to put in place to optimize your corporate network security.

Merix Technologies is a member of the Center for Internet Security and holds your cybersecurity dear. Our complete analysis of your business’ organizational and technological posture allows us to draw a comprehensive portrait of your business’ technological maturity and IT structure. Following this diagnostic, our team writes a complete structured report to guide you in your next IT investments.

Is the program you put in place secure? Merix Technologies, in partnership with Hitachi, collects and analyzes source code and gives you a detailed report on the vulnerabilities of your program.

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