No one takes care of data quite like Hitachi Vantara!

Store it!

Hitachi Vantara makes the most effective and robust data storage systems in the industry. Until recently reserved for large corporations, these systems are now available in smaller sizes, without any reduction in performance: they are perfectly adapted to small and medium businesses. Using a Hitachi storage system gives you millions of IOPS (input/output operations per second) and the only 100% availability guarantee on the market.

Compute it!

Place the Hitachi Vantara storage system at the center of servers such as VMware, Hyper-V, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux-KVM, OpenStack, MS-SQL or Oracle and feed your apps at breakneck speeds. With the best transactional performance in the industry according to the Gartner Institute, Hitachi Vantara keeps your servers busy at what they do best: making your business apps quicker and more secure.

Analyze it!

With Pentaho and Lumada software platforms, Hitachi Vantara allows you to categorize, amalgamate, analyze, and optimize your data’s potential. By combining traditional data (from your business apps), social media data, and The Internet of Things, you can extract business information to reinforce your capacity to make informed and profitable decisions. Forget complex BI systems and let Hitachi data analysis platforms make the most of your data, without worry or hassle, and with no programming required.

Protect it!

On top of their 100% availability guarantee, Hitachi storage systems take care of content management in object form. Your unstructured data will be enhanced with meta-data to facilitate your searches and will be replicated between your installations and the cloud in a transparent manner. So long tedious backup copies! Let Hitachi content management take care of changes, modifications and updates to your data, its access rules, and its lifecycle, all according to personalized and customizable rules.

Secure it!

Don’t be afraid of ransomware attacks. Encrypt your data at rest, in transit and in the cloud with the security features inherent in Hitachi storage platforms. Automatically synchronize data for your satellite offices and roaming users. Automatically keep the latest good versions of your data. Create immutable snapshots of your business data sets. Ransomware attacks increased 6000% last year and 70% of affected companies had to pay the scammers. Be ready with Hitachi and say no to ransoms!

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