Artificial Intelligence protection for your infrastructure


In 2020, according to Statistics Canada, more than 20% of businesses suffered a cyberattack sufficiently serious that it impacted their daily activities. Working from home exacerbated the possibility of a cyberattack. That is why Merix Technologies, in partnership with SentinelOne, is offering effective solutions to drastically reduce your level of cybersecurity risk.

Why choose SentinelOne?

Merix Technologies is offering the cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology of SentinelOne to maximize your cybersecurity and reduce your exposure to cyberthreats.

Combining a firewall and a first-generation antivirus is no longer an adequate way to protect your business. To counter modern cyberattacks, it is necessary to put in place a complete solution that detects behavioral anomalies in real time and offers automated responses based on intelligent parameters.

Deployed physically or in the cloud, SentinelOne solutions work non-stop to prevent, analyze and eliminate cyberattack vectors, whether you are connected or not.

The advantages of SentinelOne

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