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Merix Technologies and SentinelOne have the right expertise in cyberthreat prevention, detection and response to help you better manage your infosecurity risk. Does this apply to your business? Now more than ever!

Indeed, Statistics Canada reports that more than one out of five canadian businesses has faced a security incident which affected its operations during the past year. Among them, two out of five were victims of an attempt to steal money or a demand for a ransom payment. Ultimately, one out of 25 had to resort to pay cybercriminals to recover its data. These statistics are as surprising as they are disturbing.

Why all of these cyberattacks?

Part of the explanation comes from the fact that the combination of a firewall and a first-generation antivirus no longer suffices to protect businesses adequately. Modern cyberattacks are faster, stealthier and more lethal than ever and dealing with them requires a next-generation protection software application that fuels on artificial intelligence, detects behavioural anomalies in real time and offers an automated cyberthreat response at machine speed. This software application exists. It is called SentinelOne and Merix Technologies has all the expertise to help you deploy it successfully.

Protect your business with Sentinel One

SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) allies cybertheat prevention, detection and response in a single lightweight, efficient and ultra-fast agent. It offers businesses the ability to prevent and detect all types of cyberattack vectors, to quickly eliminate cyberthreats with its automated response capability based on artificial intelligence, as well as a full perspective on endpoint security, thanks to integrated contextual analysis, threat hunting and forensics tools.

All of this is packed within a single autonomous agent for Windows, Mac and Linux, on-prem and in the Cloud, always on duty whether you're working online or not.

SentinelOne is a complete product whose features exceed even the most stringent expectations in the market. Unsurprisingly, the industry's most reliable sources such as Gartner, NSS Labs, Virus Bulletin and MITRE praise its merits.

Feel the full spectrum of SentinelOne's capabilities for yourself and reduce your exposure to cyberthreats, right now.

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The Sentinel One advantage

EndPoint Protection (EDD)

  • Static AI
  • Behavior AI
  • Anti-Exploitation
  • Lateral movement
  • Credentiel Theft Prevention

EndPoint Detection and response (EDR)

  • Vector agnostic & autonomous
  • Machine Speed Protective Responses
  • Quick Recovery
  • Reduce Staff Alert & Analysis Fatigue
  • Managed Detect & Respond (MDR)
  • Security Stack Integration (with Fortinet by exemple)


  • Device Control
  • API and SDK
  • Application Inventory
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Vulnerability & Patch Management


  • Vigilance MDR

Cloud Intel

  • Threath Feeds
  • IP Reputation
  • Automated Analysis
  • Shared Intelligence


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