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Proud to work with Commvault

At Merix Technologies we have the expertise and flexibility to simplify the deployment of Commvault’s solutions and to make the most of their impressive software functions portfolio and extremely advantageous license model. Commvault and Merix Technologies: a winning combination.

Merix Technologies can help you:

  • Design cost-effective architecture and deployment strategies for Commvault solutions
  • Implement a disaster recovery plan on a remote site or a cloud
  • Integrate Cloud backup
  • Convert your tape backups
  • Improve your business’s RTO and RPO
  • Upgrade the integrity and performance of your stored data
  • Maintain your virtual machines, your applications and your workstations
  • Protect converged infrastructure (Nutanix and others)
  • Maximize the value of your data using a single platform

VM Protection

As VMs spread out across hypervisors, physical, and cloud environments your existing data protection solution may fall short. Deploying multiple stand-alone products is expensive, difficult to manage, and isn't scalable. You need an easier, more efficient way to identify, protect and leverage your data across the enterprise. Commvault’s customers experience greater value, as well as, significant return on their investment through the simplification of data protection and management processes.


Merix Technologies can help you to design and deployed Commvault solution to achieve these goals.

  • Agentless approach
  • Application consistent protection
  • VM autodiscovery and rule-based protection
  • VADP Integration
  • Global, source-side deduplication
  • Incremental forever backups with dash full
  • Granular file-level recovery
  • VM lifecycle management and VM archiving
  • Advanced hardware snapshot management
  • Admin self-service with vCenter plug-in
  • Admin sel service with web console restores
  • Support for multi-tenant environments
  • One-touch VM image creation
  • VM-Level and chargeback reporting

EndPoint data protection

Endpoint data is one of the most overlooked aspects of an organization’s data protection, compliance, and security strategies. Laptop and desktop content is among a company’s most valuable data and usually at greatest risk of being hacked or lost because only half of enterprises today are using some type of endpoint backup.

To secure roaming information assets and streamline eDiscovery and compliance operations, you should implement a comprehensive endpoint data protection strategy.

With the help of Commvault’s solution, Merix Technologies can help you to secure these assets.

Data protected by Commvault is kept in a virtual storage repository that is compatible with numerous storage platforms (physical, virtual, cloud, hybrid). Data can be quickly recovered, accessed and put to use in one step.

Advantages of a virtual storage repository:

  • Self-serve access
  • Research and analysis
  • Information management
  • Reports
  • Governance and auditing

For the past seven consecutive years, Commvault has been ranked on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant as a first-rate solutions provider for data center backup and recovery services.


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