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Data is the most important resource of your business, but cyberattacks stalk it and ever more complicated systems make it difficult to manage. Commvault proposes robust technology capable of protecting your data from ransomware, but also human error all while facilitating management. Simplify your daily operations and make the most of the many features offered by Commvault all thanks to Merix Technologies’ expertise.

Why choose Commvault?

In the next few years, 75% of businesses are likely to fall victim to one or more ransomware attacks, but thanks to Commvault, you can rest easy.

Commvault secures your data management thanks to intelligent protection and supervision directed towards halting specific threats such as ransomware and cyberattacks. With strict control parameters, all your saved and backup data, physically and in the cloud, is safe, secure, and always available.

Commvault protects all your data, including data stored in Microsoft M365. It saves it in a digital vault, compatible with many storage systems (physical, cloud, or hybrid). This allows you to access, recover, make the most of your data in one single step. As such your business gains valuable time and a greater degree of efficiency to reach its RTO and RPO goals, and fully controls access to its sensitive data.

The Commvault approach offers you complete protection, within the norms of the Cybersecurity Framework of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. For 10 years, Commvault has built itself a reputation within the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ as a trustworthy provider of data storage and recovery services.

The advantages of Commvault

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