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Did you know? When you store your data in Microsoft 365 or Google Mail, all your data is subject to the American Cloud Act.

What is the American Cloud Act? The CLOUD Act is a federal law passed in 2018 in the USA. This law allows the American Department of Justice to demand of any service provider operating from or in the USA the personal messages of any of its users, regardless of the location of the servers. For example, a Google server located in Canada can be accessed by the US DoJ simply because Google also has servers in the United States. Furthermore, this will be done without informing the individual whose data is being accessed, and without informing the individual’s country of residence and/or the country in which the servers are located.

In brief

Simply put, all of your data stored with Google, Microsoft and many other providers is available to the American Department of Justice and can and may be used against you in the event of a law suit or other legal process.

Who should be concerned? Sovereignty over personal data should be everyone’s concern. France recently banned Microsoft 365 from its cloud space, because it cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the data stored on its servers.

What to do?

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