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Happy to work with Zimbra

Merix Technologies believes in open source license models and its longstanding partnership with the collaborative software suite Zimbra attests to that. If you want to deploy Zimbra’s complete, high-performance, and entirely open-source collaborative suite at a fraction of the cost of its rival product, Microsoft Exchange, contact the experts at Merix Technologies!

Zimbra - the next-generation email and collaboration platform, features new data sharing capabilities, expanded calendaring and search functionality, and upgraded management features for both IT and end-users.

As a strong and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft's Exchange, Zimbra offers a unified mail, chat and document sharing environment across all client platforms, thanks to its remarkable user interface that runs inside standard browsers, in both online and offline mode. Mobile users of Zimbra are always considered full citizens of the collaboration workspace, thanks to the product's special version of its UI, optimized for mobility devices, as well as its complete integration into the latest generation smartphones' mail, calendar, address book and task organizer native applications. Zimbra also offers a blazing fast search engine that continually indexes the contents of messages and attachments for instant retrieval, based on intelligent criteria.

For those who want to realize the immediate savings offered by Zimbra, compared to Exchange's pricier licensing model and higher administration costs, but still want to retain full compatibility with Exchange from a client's perspective, Zimbra's MAPI synchronization to Outlook with full delegate and offline capability handles that without a hitch.

Zimbra can run equally well in a private or a public cloud and offers a rich library of free extensions called "Zimlets", which allow things as diverse as CRM integration, mail and document translation, or microblogging using leading social networks such as Socialcast, Twitter and Facebook, right within the Zimbra interface.


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