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Merix Technologies understands that data is now one of the main assets of a company. But is there anything more boring than making backup copies? How about having your network working at full capacity every day to move data from one place to another in the hopes that you’ll never need to access it? Merix Technologies knows that you have better things to do with your time, which is why we offer tools that marry protection and value. With Merix Technologies, the time invested in backups can serve to make your data more mobile, more accessible, better distributed and better suited to extract valuable—and profitable—business information.


Robust Solutions

We offer the most durable, valuable and customized solutions for your data, whether it’s hosted on site, in a cloud, or in a mix of the two.

Avoid ever having to...

  • lose control of your data
  • be ill-prepared for a major incident
  • have your data be subject to loss, theft or leaking
  • fall prey to endless increases in data management costs


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